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2009 W2 Forms are Available!!!

W2 forms are available to print! They are on the same website you use to view your paystub.

Visit “MEMBER RESOURCES” and click online paystubs!

Message from Brian McPartland

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Due to personal issues in my life I am resigning my position as Business Representative of IBEW Local Union 503.
I’m extremely proud to have had the opportunity to serve in the capacity that I have. The IBEW is the best labor organization to be part of and we should all remember to be grateful to be members.
My plan is to go back to Orange and Rockland Utilities and resume my position of Underground Line Chief.
I plan on going back with the Code of Excellence that International President Hill demands from all IBEW members.
My membership in the IBEW started in 1983 and I owe a great deal to this Local Union.
I’ve been a steward (probably the hardest job in the organization), Treasurer, and Business Representative during my membership.
I personally believe in the power of Collective Bargaining and know without member support those efforts would be fruitless.
Brothers and Sisters it’s you who are the Union without everyone performing their everyday duties to the best of their abilities we wouldn’t be able to earn fair wages, safe working environments, and benefits that we bargain for.
President Scott has great visions to march this Local Union forward and I appreciate the opportunity to have served under him.
Past Presidents Citrolo, and Humphrey have taught me so much about unionism that I could never repay them for all they’ve shown me.
Newly appointed Business Representative Scott Jensen is in my opinion the best candidate for the job and I wish him luck and offer myself for any assistance that he may require.
All of the management personnel that I’ve had the pleasure or misfortune of dealing with while in office, I wish to thank you because although we may not have seen eye to eye on many issues I must say I had the utmost respect for, well let’s just say most.
So to all my Union family I wish the best however it’s time to change this chapter in my life and to give my family at home the respect and time that they deserve.
Remember Brothers and Sisters there is always strength in numbers as long as everyone stays the course.
Be proud of being an IBEW member and continue to support your officers.
May God bless you all and may the fruits of Collective Bargaining shine all that is good on you and your loved ones.
Fraternally yours,
Brian McPartland
Proud IBEW LU 503 Member

Important Message from President Scott

Please read the following message from our union president. We all wish Brian McPartland well and thank him for his service. He will be missed by all of us here!

January 14, 2010
Good Evening Brothers and Sisters of Local 503:
I come to you tonight with a heavy heart to announce the resignation of Business Representative, Brian McPartland.Brian has been of service to the Local for many years, starting as Treasurer and moving on to Business Representative. Sadly, after having to do some deep soul searching, Brian has reached the decision to resign. Due to both health and personal issues, he feels he is no longer able to handle the responsibilities required to properly fill the Business Representatives duties, and to serve this Local as it should be.Personally, I’d like to thank Brian for his service to Local 503, wish him well and all the very best. I ask that every one of the members join me in doing the same when you see him.

The second announcement I bring to the membership this evening is Scott Jensen, Vice President, will be stepping into the Business Representative position.Thank you Scott for all you’ve done as Vice President and for accepting the new position and challenges it brings.

Brian W. ScottPresident/Business Manager