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Right now, Verizon’s subsidiary, Verizon Wireless, is planning a sweetheart deal with big cable companies that could cost jobs, raise prices and kill off further expansion of the FiOS network.

This deal – to package up Verizon Wireless together with cable company phone, TV, and home internet service – would gut competition in the industry and remove the incentive for building out the high-speed network.

It would lead to the loss of thousands of our jobs.

The government has the power to stop the current deal. The Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice are examining the deal and we’re calling on Congress to put pressure on the FCC and DoJ to stop the deal that cuts jobs and consumer choice.

Help us build a critical mass against the deal by calling your members of Congress at 888-302-5143.

You can tell them to write the FCC to oppose the current deal between Verizon Wireless and the big cable companies, which would kill jobs, raise prices for consumers and leave communities without high speed internet.

Together we can stop this bad deal for consumers and workers.

Here are some facts about the deal to keep in mind when you call your members of Congress at 888-302-5143:

  • This deal will lead to an unregulated monopoly that can dominate markets.
  • This deal will destroy jobs by ending buildout.
  • The deal will raise prices and lead to lower service quality.
  • The deal will leave minority, low income, and rural communities that have not benefited from FiOS build out on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Please call 888-302-5143 today to help stop the Verizon cable deal.