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Bargaining Update 2/11/2011

As we reported earlier, Local 503 and the Company have agreed to extend our current collective bargaining agreement until March 9, 2011.

The big news today is that we started the long climb toward our next medical, dental and vision package.  I hope you’re feeling healthy.

It’s like you picked up a piece of expensive glassware in a store and dropped it.  They’d say: “Well, that’s gonna cost ya!”

See, the company says stuff is expensive.  They need to save some money.  Your money.

I don’t think you’ll like what we saw today.

Your negotiating team is coming back to the job on Monday.  As we had said earlier, the Company’s negotiating resources are somewhat stretched.  Be assured that when we return to the table, we will continue to work toward a contract you can live with.  Though as I said, it’s not a walk; it’s a climb.

We are meeting with our assignors next week.  We hope to begin to move toward some resolution on that front soon.

Please keep in touch.  And thank you for your support.  We need it and are counting on it.      


Contract Ext until March 9, 2011

We have agreed to a contract extension until March 9, 2011.
A further report on today’s bargaining will follow shortly.

Bargaining Report 2/10/2011

So, we had negotiations today.              I guess.

Today we discussed your job security.  You don’t have any.

With all you do every day.   With the work you cover day to day in your service to the Company, you probably figured your contributions were valued.             I didn’t see it today.

You sent us here to protect your jobs, your benefits, and your ability to continue to provide the service you do for the Company.    We did not get that done today.

Our current collective bargaining agreement expires tomorrow.     I don’t think you would like where we are right now.              We don’t like it.

When the news is not good, you deserve to hear that, too.  It’s not.

We’re going to try to work this out, but as you go about your duties, remember that your future here is pretty much entirely in your own hands.

We’ll get back to you.   


Contract Bargaining 2/9/2011

We continue to work toward a new collective bargaining agreement for our members.  Clearly progress was made in that direction today as a number of issues crossed the table.  However, much very serious work remains.
The major financial and security issues are still far from resolved.  While we have seen a cooperative effort from the company on some issues, you will need to see that and more to resolve these remaining issues.
We do continue, in separate conference, to discuss the issues surrounding our assignors.  We hope to have some firm information to report there shortly.
 While we were back at the job over the last week, we received many great gestures of support from our fellow members.  We can’t say how much this means and how much it strengthens our resolve in these talks.  Thank you for that.  If all of us stay strong, stay resolute, we will get where we need to be.  
Talks will resume Thursday morning.

Bargaining Update 2/1/2011

Losing patience with the weather? We understand.

Local 503 and the Company have agreed to extend our current contract until February 11th. Our next negotiating meeting is scheduled for February 9th.

Our friends in Rochester have extended their contract until February 28th. There are also negotiations going on in North Carolina with a number of our new brothers and sisters from the Verizon acquisition. In all this, it seems the Company is somewhat short of negotiating resources.

We have presented to the company, and received from the company, contract proposals of major impact to your day to day life here at Frontier Monroe. Like you, we await their resolution. As we wait, time seems to march on, events seem to proceed. As they have for our assignors. Conclusion of these negotiations is of obvious importance.

We continue to work with our assignors and the HR department in attempts to make the best of a less than good situation. We all hope for the best possible in this.

All of us on the bargaining team extend our thanks to all of you for your patience and support.

Our brothers and sisters in Rochester have declared a weekly day of solidarity. They will be wearing red on Thursdays. Many of you do so now; we ask you all to continue this as we share their struggle for a fair contract.

Keep in touch with this site for further updates.

Thank you.