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Forced Overtime

11.5 The Company gives its assurance that when it becomes necessary to invoke mandatory overtime to meet its service requirements, employees may request to be excused from the mandatory overtime assignment for valid personal reasons. To the extent that service requirements will permit, the Company may accommodate the request.

The Company will seek volunteers to work required overtime and in the event that none are found the Company will force by low overtime hours worked. Employees will not be forced to work on pre-scheduled vacations, floating, or fixed holidays, except in the event of emergencies as defined.

10.6 (Plant) Employees may give away scheduled overtime offered to a qualified replacement. The replacement will be furnished by the employee and the final determination of the replacement’s qualifications will be made by the Company.

10.2 The Company will make every reasonable effort to equalize, as nearly as
possible, overtime opportunities for employees within a job classification that are
qualified to perform the work. Under the following conditions an employee will have
assigned to them, when they are qualified to work overtime, the number of hours equal to the average of the hours charged to the qualified employees in the job classification:

1. New Hire
2. Promotions
3. Transfers
4. Absence for one (1) Month


If you are forced to work incidental overtime you may request to be excused from the overtime as long as a qualified replacement is available and willing to work you overtime. That replacement can come from a different work group than your own, providing those employees are qualified to do the work.

It is important to remember that, as written above, it is incumbent on the technician being forced to inform management that they wish to be excused from the force.

Any questions or for help with the above, contact a Union official.

Tonights Union Meeting

Thank you to all who showed up and for all the great ideas!! 

363 Barginning Update

From 363’s Site:
363’s Contract has been extended from Nov 10th to Nov 15 @ 11:59pm. Both sides met and worked jointly till 4:00am.

Proposed Schedule for Contract Info and vote if we can reach an agreement on Monday November 15th.

The Round Off

By now members of the Splicing, CST and CO crews have gotten the news about next year’s vacation selections.  The one person per week thing.

Let’s not make any mistake about this.  This came from YOUR manager, despite their feeble attempts to dance around it.


The message is clear:  “The contract allows us to do this and we’re doing it, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


This is true, brothers and sisters.  But something else is also true:  Negotiations are coming.  An opportunity to formally request some of the respect you deserve as the technicians you are.

From the people who will cross a picket line to do your job.


We need to hear from you.



82 Days and Counting…..

Our Local Union Contract Expires in about 80 days. Please give us your feedback on to what you would like to see in this upcoming contract. Please get your forms & surveys in ASAP so we can start to compile proposals from them.

Next union Meeting is Nov 18th. We will be discussing some the proposals that will be on the table for negotiations.

363 bargaining update:
94% Vote Yes to Strike
Contract has been extended from Nov 5th to Nov 10 @ 11:59pm.

All updates can be found at their site:
Show your support by visiting their blog & their facebook (IBEW 363).