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Negotiations Update 1/31

Contract has been extended.   We will be meeting with the comapny next week.

Bargaining 1/30 Update

Our current agreement expires tomorrow.   I dont think you would like what we have seen so far.  Major issues to changes in medical and STD/LTD are big obstacles.   You probably assumed your contributions as an employee were valued.  After todays meeting I dont see it.  We are still here trying to work something out.  If something changes we will update this site.

1/29 Update

This morning we reviewed the current items in the table which include medical, sick time, disability,  wages etc.  We met with the company in the afternoon.   We seem to be MILES apart on these major issues.  We are aware the contract expires Friday.  We are working our hardest to get a fair package to bring back for a vote.  This is not going to be an easy task.  We thank you for all the support we have been receiving and hope to have better news to report soon.

1/28 Update

Today we were able to get a few issues off the table.  We have revieved another Medical package from Frontier.  It still has many radical changes that would directly impact our members and their families.   Tomorrow we will spend the morning reviewing our medical proposals and meet with the company in the afternoon.

Update 1/27

Today we met again with the company.  We have lots of questions in regards to their finical proposals.   We are awaiting for clarification on these.  We are starting to hit the big issues now so stay tuned.

1/24/2014 Update

Today we met with the company.  We had some clarification questions for the medical proposal.  We seem to be VERY far apart on this.  We also have many open issues that had still not be resolved at this time.  Frontier makes profits from all the hard work you do.  We believe our members should have a fair contract. 

1/23/2014 Update

We have presented to the company contract proposals of major impact to your day to day life which include tours, contractors, call outs, etc..  Progress is slow as we try to reach an agreement. Management has moved very little from their original demands.  They state that our contract must change because they have no other contract like it anywhere else.  The Company is looking to take away things we have fought hard for with nothing in return. You sent us here to protect your jobs, your benefits, and your ability to continue to provide the service you do for the Company.   We remain committed to negotiating a fair contract.  Remember:

United we BARGAIN, Divided we BEG!

1/22 Update

Today we tentatively agreed on a few proposals.  We are still far apart on major issues at this time. 

Hope you are feeling Healthy!

Today we received the Medical/Financial Package from the company.  The company says things are  expensive.  They need to save some money.  Your money.  We did not like what we saw today.  We meet again with the company on Tuesday 1/21/2015. Thank you all for your support.  We need it!  Remember:

United we BARGAIN, Divided we BEG!

Todays update..

We met briefly with the company today.  We discussed time off and a few other proposals.   We will meet again on Friday where the company will present medical.