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Who you Gonna Call????

As most of us know, over time many questions have arisen regarding who gets called when for OT. For example:
· Do you get called while on vacation?
· What exactly is vacation?
· Do you get called when sick?
· On “N” days?

The Company and the Union have been communicating on reaching some sort of consensus for these situations.Throughout this period the members have made many suggestions regarding how to proceed. It is our firm belief that the Union’s position on these matters should come from the members themselves.It is for that reason that we hope to form a Callout Procedure Committee. This Committee will be made up of volunteer members of the local. We would hope to have at least one representative from each work group, but certainly not limited to that one person per group. Anyone can participate.We hope the Committee will meet and exchange ideas as to how best handle these situations and relay those ideas to the officers for communication to the Company. Elected officials will have no more than a “voice but no vote” involvement in this process.Until such time as we hear from the Committee, we will provide the Company with some temporary ground rules we hope would be followed. For this reason, it is important that we hear from the members ASAP. We will set up a meeting for the Committee once it is formed.Please contact Jackie Polman, John Schreiner, Lisa Garcia or Bill Lukiansky if you are interested in participating. Phone and email are fine.