Bargaining Update 2/19

Every penny that this company collects is generated on the backs of the employees who face our customers every day.

They should think about these employees.  About their families.  About the sacrifices and commitment to this company’s service they have all made for years.  And where, in spite of all of that, this company clearly wants to take from them.

It’s easy to say “What does the Union say?”  “What will the Union do?”  It is never clearer than at times like this.  You are the Union.  You are the voice. Your word, and only your word has weight here and now.

You can watch things on a national level, on a state level, on  a local level and say “I am not heard!” 

You will be heard here. 

You will be heard now.

As of today the company presented their final package to us with very minimal movement on the company side.  We currently have an extension til March 14th.  Within that time we will be setting up a ratification vote on their package.  As to where this package stands today,

Your bargaining committee recommends a NO vote.

More info to follow…..

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