Trans-Pacific Partnership-WE CAN STOP THIS!!

Presdient Obama is going to make a big push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) the worst trade deal since NAFTA beginning on Jan 7.   Certainly if you are in a manufacturing sector this is bad news.  Yet, if you are in Telecom or Healthcare you will be directly affected too. Telecom will lose call centers and healthcare drug prices will skyrocket and it will be easier and more desirable to move certain services overseas.  WE CAN STOP THIS! 

 Right now we have the support and votes in the House to stop this, but the President is going to be leaning heavy on our Representatives to change votes at the last minute.  WE CAN STOP THIS!

We need every member to write a letter to the editor to their local newspaper.  Our Brother and Sisters in CWA shared a great tool to help:

By pumping up the volume of letters we hope to get in at least a couple and maybe get papers to see an interest and do an OP ED piece on the ills of the TPP.

 We want to track the letters you write so we can respond to groups that need more help in getting this action done.  So please let us know after you’ve sent it in. Please don’t delay; write the letter today!

 If you get a letter printed please send us a copy.

 We hope to see letters by this week.

Also, feel free to visit: and write a letter to your local represtivies.

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