2012 Executive Paywatch FRONTIER

I recently visited the AFL-CIO’s 2012 Executive PayWatch website at paywatch.org and found out that in 2011, Mary Agnes Wilderotter received $6,720,863 in total compensation. By comparison, the average worker made $34,053 in 2011. Mary Agnes Wilderotter made 197 times the average worker’s pay.

See how other workers compared:

CEO-to-Worker Comparisons

Annual Weekly Daily Hourly Per Minute
Mary Agnes Wilderotter $6,720,863 $129,247.37 $25,849.47 $3,231.18 $53.85
Minimum Wage Worker $15,080 $290.00 $58.00 $7.25 $0.12
Average Worker $34,053 $654.87 $130.97 $16.37 $0.27
U.S. President $400,000 $7,692.31 $1,538.46 $192.31 $3.21

Note: calculations assume 40 hours per week/52 weeks per year.

How Many Years to Equal Mary Agnes Wilderotter ’s 2011 Compensation?

Minimum Wage Worker 446 years Completion Date 2,457 A.D.
Average Worker 197 years Completion Date 2,208 A.D.
U.S. President 17 years Completion Date 2,028 A.D.

You can learn more about runaway CEO pay, including a database of executive pay packages and tools that show you how to uncover CEO pay.

You can also look up the pay of other CEOs at the AFL-CIO’s Executive PayWatch website at paywatch.org.

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