Contract distribution and vote news (3/15/2011)

Around midday Tuesday we finished the process of finalizing the proposed contract language.  We began handing out the contract negotiation packets Tuesday afternoon.  We will distribute the remainder Wednesday morning.
Our contract vote will take place at the Monroe Woodbury Middle School in the cafeteria on Thursday 3/17.  The meeting will begin at 5:30 SHARP. 

It is probably not necessary to tell my fellow members about the state of the economy as well as the struggles our industry faces.  These negotiations took place in that environment.  I assure you that fact was not lost on either side in these negotiations.  While the bargaining sessions were professional, friendly and courteous on both sides, there were times when, as a reflection of their times, they were contentious.
There are clear gains for our members in the proposed contract.  We have added job security language that previously did not exist.  The wage and benefit portions of the contract compare favorably with what other bargaining units have faced in their negotiations.  Your bargaining team believes that we have reached a proposed contract has achieved as much as was reasonable to achieve in the current environment.  It is for this reason that the bargaining committee recommends that our members vote “yes” on the contract.
We look forward to discussing this with you.   

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