Contract update: 3/14/2011

As previously mentioned: negotiations are over; we have a contract extension in effect until 3/18.

Your bargaining team spent today proof reading the final bargaining agreement reached with the company last week.  This involves making sure all contract language clearly represents the intent of both parties before presenting the package to our membership for a vote.  As of now we are awaiting clarification of a couple of points.  Our current schedule for the remainder of this week is as follows:

·         Tentatively, we expect to distribute the negotiated package to our members on Wednesday.

·         We are scheduled to vote on the new contract at the Union meeting on Thursday at 5:30PM.

I wish to thank all of our members for their patience and support throughout this process, and for their continued support.  This process was always destined to be in your hands and in a few days it will be so.  We look forward to the upcoming discussions with the membership.

I think I can speak for all of the officials of your local as I express a debt of gratitude to members Lisa Ebaugh and Greg Flower.  Neither of these members is an official of the Union and yet both agreed to become members of the negotiating committee.  The negotiating process can be grueling, frustrating and rewarding; often, all at the same time.  Bargaining sessions routinely went well into the evening.  They did this while receiving the minimum compensation for their titles.  Their frank viewpoints and contextual inputs were invaluable to these negotiations.  They very effectively represented their fellow members.  Again, our thanks to both of them.  And to all of you, too.

-John Schreiner

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