Negotiation Update 3-7-2011

Well, we’re back at negotiations.  I guess things must be getting serious because they’re starting to move………….very slowly.

There’s nothing we have covered that’s unimportant and we have covered a lot of issues.  But, as might be expected, what’s left is the trickiest stuff of all.  We are still far from resolution on the major financial questions.  This includes the proposed benefits packages.
The company has taken a hard negotiating stance on much of what you may take for granted on a day to day basis and movement on these points is not promising in the short term.  Our mission here is to bring you a contract you and your family can live with; that you can afford to live with.  That is still obviously priority one.  It is also our current challenge.  The company announcing to a group of employees that it did not expect a resolution in this set of negotiation sessions was not helpful.
We are doing our best to be your eyes, ears and voice at the table.  We will continue to do just that.  Thank you for your support, and Hold Fast!

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