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Bargaining begins tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 9am we will have our first sit down with the company.  Your negotiating committee is Brian Scott, Scott Jensen, John Schreiner, Lisa Garcia, Greg Flower and Lisa Ebaugh.  We have just finalized this as of today.  We are sorry we could not share this sooner.  Also, Thank you to everyone for the calls and emails of support.  It means a lot to us going in that we have the support of our membership behind our bargaining team.  Please use this website as your source of official updates…..United we Bargin, Divided we Beg!

Bargaining Begins…Jan 6, 2010

CORRECTED….We will begin bargaining with the Company on Thursday, January 6th. Thank you to everyone who has communicated with us on what you would like to see in this contract.  The survey results have healthcare costs, job security, wages and working conditions as the issues of main concern for our members.  We also have addressed many smaller issues that have been brought to our attention.  Please use this website as your source for all bargaining updates!
United We Bargain, Divided We Beg

Important News about Flexible Spending Accounts for 2011

As a result of the new healthcare reform law the Internal Revenue Service has imposed new restrictions on Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).  Beginning on Saturday, January 1, 2011 many over-the-counter items such as cough and cold preparations, pain relievers, allergy and sinus medications, stomach remedies and others, will require a prescription before they are eligible for reimbursement to an FSA. More than 15,000 products are affected by these new reimbursement regulations. If you have FSA benefits remaining for 2010, consider stocking up on these items before the new requirement takes effect.