Negotiation update 1/28/2011

Today Local 503 and the Company agreed to extend the current collective bargaining agreement until midnight February 5th.  We will not meet with the company this weekend. 

Negotiations proceeded over the last few days with progress on a number of fronts.  However, we believe we are still well apart on some issues of vital importance.  Issues involving your future as employees of this corporation.

We also continue to make progress toward a resolution of the issues regarding our assignors.  Both sides have been open and cooperative in our attempt to reach an as satisfactory as possible conclusion.  A major part of this process will be hearing from our assignors next week.  We will resume negotiations and related meetings with the company after that.

There is probably no better way to say this than to say:  “This is crunch time, folks”.  The daily work lives of all of our members come to the table next week.  Nothing less.

Keep in touch with this site for further updates.

Thank you.


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