Negotiations: Day 3

There was no formal negotiating session scheduled for today. Contact between your negotiating team and the Company today was supposed to take place by conference call.

We have prepared our next series of proposals and questions or counter-proposals to those presented by the company so far.  In short, logistically, this conference call never happened today.  Whose fault that is is much less important than the fact that none of the important work we are here to do for you got done today.  We would add that the company has declined to schedule any meetings for the rest of this week.

Your contract expires in 20 days.  You have every reason to be dismayed by what you have heard here.   The Union has a comprehensive list of proposals to present to help protect your jobs and hopefully secure your future contributions to the services the Company provides.  We hope it can be of some comfort to inform you that we used the time today to bolster our case for those items.

Patience is a tough thing to ask for in these circumstances, but it is that we ask for.  You stay strong, we’ll stay strong, and, together, we’ll get this done.

Thank you.     


One response to “Negotiations: Day 3”

  1. Anonymous says :

    we are with you!!

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