Forced OT

11.5 The Company gives its assurance that when it becomes necessary to invoke mandatory overtime to meet it’s service requirements, employees may request to be excused from the mandatory overtime assignment for valid personal reasons. To the extent that service requirements will permit, the Company may accommodate the request. The Company will seek volunteers to work required overtime and in the event that none are found the Company will force by low overtime hours worked. Employees will not be forced to work on pre-scheduled vacations, floating, or fixed holidays, except in the event of emergencies as defined.

10.6 (Plant) Employees may give away scheduled overtime offered to a qualified replacement. The replacement will be furnished by the employee and the final determination of the replacement’s qualifications will be made by the Company.

10.2 The Company will make every reasonable effort to equalize, as nearly as
possible, overtime opportunities for employees within a job classification
that are qualified to perform the work.

What does all of this mean?
If you are informed that you are being forced to work overtime, you have the right to have a qualified available volunteer work that overtime for you. You, however must request to be excused from the force. While the text says that the employee must furnish the volunteer, the
company still has a responsibility to direct that work to the volunteer with the lowest total overtime hours. The most efficient way for the company to accomplish all of the above is to
poll (ask) all available qualified volunteers in order, or “run the list”. Basically, our position here is that the company should be running the list of available people before forcing anyone, but as stated above, the forced employee should make management aware that he/she is seeking a volunteer.

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