Press Release 2/2/10

Brothers and Sisters:

The Local is seeking qualified applicants to fill the now vacant position of Vice President.

Before applying, it must be understood by all applicants the tremendous responsibility that comes with this position. This is, by far, not your typical 8-4:30 job. The successful applicant must be available to serve 24/7.

A qualified candidate must be:
– Available at a moment’s notice
-Available to work weekends
-Willing to sacrifice and dedicate personal time
-Readily available and willing to be able to travel for business purposes
-Contract knowledgeable

All interested parties are required to submit a letter and resume to Local 503. The resume and letter must include and specify the candidate’s:
-Past and current contributions to Local 503
-Past and current accomplishments
-Qualifications for the position, including any relevant training

The submitted documents must clearly demonstrate what the potential candidate can and will contribute if awarded the position.

All applications/resumes are to be sent directly to Local 503’s Union Hall, attention President Scott, for consideration and vote by the Officers and Executive Board.

Mary M Casey, P.S.
Local 503

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